About Us

As a premier purveyor of innovative body art & adornments, LeRouX provides a specially tailored experience for the high-end, modern consumer. We maintain a uniquely client-centric focus, striving to accommodate eclectic tastes and visions.

The LeRouX team is consistently committed to a flawless safety record, with particular emphasis on continued education and proper sanitization protocols, enriching the client experience. The various degrees, certificates and awards that our staff holds are testament to achieving these goals.

LeRoux is one of the few shops in the Tampa Bay area that offers high quality jewelry from industry-leading companies, such as BVLA, LeRoi, Anatometal, Industrial Strength, Maya, and many more. We provide a wide variety of jewelry options to fit each individual’s unique personality. 

In order to shine a spotlight on the communities it serves, LeRouX promotes volunteer work through charitable events and fundraisers, also hosting gallery exhibitions that feature local, national, and international artists.  As we continue to grow, we choose to build a foundation that may help redefine what our industry can be and accomplish, valuing all who strive to achieve these goals.

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